Primer: A View of Biosimilars from the Pharmacy

Q4, 2011

Biosimilar, Follow-on Biologic (FoB), Follow-on protein product – whatever name you know them by you can’t surf the web, attend a conference, or read an industry publication without running into them.

To say the environment around Biosimilars is fluid would be an understatement. With fluidity comes uncertainty and with uncertainly comes opportunity. Many industry pundits are evaluating the Biosimilar market by taking a big picture, macro assessment of the regulatory, clinical development, and commercialization issues.

This is a “Primer” and is not intended to cover the full range of issues currently at the heart of biosimilar discussions. Rather, we at Industry Standard Research (ISR) took a focused approach to answering a few pointed questions around the views pharmacists have regarding Biosimilars. We took this approach because of the fluid nature of the environment. We took this approach because regardless of the nascent legislation recently enacted in the United States and the relatively low adoption of Biosimilars in Europe; we believe that pharmacists will be a key piece to the Biosimilar puzzle.

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  • 86US Pharmacists
  • 20Pages
  • 12Charts and Graphs

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the familiarity US Pharmacists have with Biosimilars and what their top concerns are
  • Determine the prescribing behavior  and recommendations Pharmacists will have with Biosimilars
  • Understand their views for regulatory approval/testing and the suggested pricing for Biosimilars

Topics Covered:

  • Awareness
  • Safety and Efficacy
  • Prescribing Behavior
  • Pharmacy-level Substitutions
  • Recommending Biosimilars
  • Patient Choice/Decision
  • Dispense as Written (DAW)
  • Regulatory Approal/Clinical Trials
  • Pricing

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