MSL and Sales Strategies for the US Oncology Market


Q2, 2012

No matter which biopharmaceutical pipeline analysis you read, one thing is for certain: Oncology dominates. Companies have been built, sold, and failed based on trying to improve the therapy options cancer patients have at their disposal.

The landscape of Oncology sales/ information strategies are changing and their effects on physicians and pharmaceutical companies. The purpose of this report is to measure several aspects of how pharmaceutical companies could and should interact with Oncologists. ISR surveyed 102 Oncologists to determine how they prefer to receive certain types of drug information from pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers.

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  • 167Pages
  • 162Charts and Graphs
  • 102Practicing Oncologists

Major Report Sections:

  1. Access to Oncologists
  2. Frequency and duration of visits
  3. Impact and satisfaction with interactions
  4. The MSL interaction environment
  5. Preferred information dissemination vehicles
  6. Prescribing trends
  7. Practice setting analysis

What You’ll Learn:

  • How US Oncologists want to receive drug info from pharma/biotech manufacturers and which information they find most valuable
    • MSLs, sales reps, eDetailing, peer-based literature, payer reps?
    • Does practice type make a difference?
  • Benchmark how much time your reps and MSLs spend with Oncologists vs. the industry average
  • Prescribing power Oncologists will have in the near future
  • The most valuable MSL traits and which pharma companies have the best MSLs

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