Adoption and Use of eDetailing vs. In-person Detailing in Europe

Electronic vs. In-Person Detailing 1

Q4, 2012

This report provides a head-to-head comparison European physicians’ preferences for sales rep interactions and electronic detailing (“eDetailing”). The report provides insight into physician’s informational needs, the volume and time spent during those interactions, and the value and outcomes physicians place on those interactions.

All data are reported in aggregate, across three European countries (France, Germany, and United Kingdom), and three therapeutic specialties (Cardiology, Oncology, and Respiratory/Pulmonology).

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Major Report Sections:

  1. Detailing Information Needs: Section outlines and ranks in order of importance the information needs that prescribers have for detail sessions, regardless of detailing medium.
  2. Detailing Volume and Time: Here we establish how many in-person and how many electronic detail sessions the prescribers’ experience per week; how many they believe is reasonable; how much time they dedicate to each; and how the volume and time for these sessions have changed over the past 2 years.
  3. Detailing Value and Outcomes: This section we present prescribers’ assessments of Value, Satisfaction, Trust, and a number of other outcome variables for both in-person and electronic detail sessions.
  4. Study Data

Actionable Insight:

  • Optimize sales strategies by understanding how physicians from different countries and specialties experience the two detail environments
  • Identify possible messaging opportunities – Understand prescribers’ actual vs. desired volume of in-person and electronic details
  • Make more informed resourcing decisions by measuring physician satisfaction with each medium

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